Size of rack is length by height in inches LxW.  All racks have a baked on Plastisol coating resistant to all chemicals.

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D1 10x6in all stainless $30 each

d2 7.5x5.5 inches plastisol coated $40 each

D3 13x19 inches plastisol coated with stainless hangers $44 each

D4 7x15 inches plastisol coated $50  each

D5 11.5x21 inches Plastisol coated $74 each   or 13x19 inches $76 each

D6  9.5x4.5 inches copper $22 each

D7  11x21 inches Plastisol coated $77 each

D8  10.5 x 17.75 inches Plastisol $70 each

D9  7x17 inches Plastisol coated $59 each

D10  17x27 inches Plastisol coated $105 each

D11  13x20  Plastisol coated   $98 each

D12  13x20 Plastisol coated  $79 each

D13  11.5x21.5  Plastisol & stainless $45 each

D14  11x 19.75   Plastisol  $72 each

D15  13x18.5  Plastisol coated   $81 each

D16  11x21.5 inches Plastisol coated  $78 each

D17 13.5 x 19   Plastisol   $84 each

D18  13x19  Plastisol  $79 each

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