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1900 Gallon & 1400 Gallon Type II and Type III Anodizing Line  

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This is a large show and hard coat anodizing line.  This line was constructed with mostly brand new equipment. This is a very nice hoist line that will can anodize parts as long as 10 feet in length and over 7 feet in depth.  These tanks are also very tall and require a cat walk for the anodize personnel to operate it. The containment volume of the this line range from 1,400 gallons to 1,900 gallons per tank, depending on the tank.  The two anodize and sealer containment tanks would be the largest because of the extra retention times involve in those processes.  The line has air and water piped to many of the processes.

Anodize sealer tank with titanium heat exchangers for sealing of anodized aluminum parts in an anodizing line

This tank is going to be Vibrant Blue dye tank for dyeing a nice bright blue color on their anodized parts.  This tank uses steam driven 316 stainless steel heat exchangers for heating the dye.  The controls for the heater is located at the opposite end of the tank from the operator.  All air and water plumbing are also located in the same area.  The dye process happens after the anodizing process.  Once a part has been anodized, it forms a surface on the aluminum that is very hard, yet very porous.  This porosity allows the aluminum to be able to soak up dye.  Decorative anodizing will create the largest holes on the surface of the aluminum, therefore it will also take the dyeing process best.  Hard anodized parts can be dyed but not as well.  SR anodized parts will take a very nice translucent dye, but will still not look like decorative or Type II anodized parts.

Anodizing sealer tank for sealing color and clear anodized parts in an anodized line

This third picture shows a side view of an anodizing sealing tank in this line.  The sealant is used for both hard coat anodizing as well as for decorative anodize process.  It seals at a temperature of 180F which makes it much safer to use than conventional hot seals that can run as high as 220F.  This tank has two titanium heat exchangers that are ran by steam heating.  There is one on each side of the tank for best dispersement of the heat from the steam boiler.  Located at the rear of the tank is a thermostat sensor that opens and closes the heater solenoid as needed to maintain the tank temperature.  This is the best way and most efficient way to heat large plating or anodizing tanks.  There is also a schedule 80 CPVC air spargar that runs to the bottom of the tank to provide air agitation to the chemical

Titanium anodizing racks for show anodized parts in an anodizing process


Here are some titanium racks for holding the aluminum parts for the show or hard coat anodizing process to follow.  Racks like this are used commercially because you can anodize 20, 30, or maybe a 100 parts at a time.  The more parts each turn, the more money you make on the line. We sell many racks used and we can get you new racks for any shape and size parts.


Anodizing tank for hard coat and type II decorative color anodizing in a side by side set up

This is the top view of the hard coat tank.  You are looking at the ultra pure titanium cooling coils on the bottom of the tank.  The cool coil get a supply of very cold water from a chiller unit to chill the anodizing bath and keep it at the optimal cool temperature for a hard coat finish.  The ultra pure aluminum cathodes are located to the front and the back of the chiller coil.  There is a filter pump located to the right of the picture


Anodize tank for hard coat Type III Class 2 anodizing of aluminum MILA8625

This is just a side view of the hard coat anodizing tank.  Notice the cathode bars that runs down the left and right of the tank.  These cathodes are made of very conductive 1100 series ultra pure aluminum for most efficient anodizing voltage and amperage. The cathodes are hanging from bronze bus bars.  Right in front of the photo is a filtration system for filtering solution as well as agitation of solution.  There is also a PVC air pipe running to the bottom of the tank for extra solution movement in this very large tank.  The tank over to the right is the decorative Type II anodizing tank.

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