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N.A.S.A Application Anodizing Line

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Call between 10 am to 6:30 pm Mon-Fri 202-864-2567

We offer everything from parts (such as rectifiers, chemicals, or filter systems) for your existing anodizing line to a complete turnkey anodizing line as well as anything in between the two.  On complete line purchases, we can offer discount on site consulting and training.  This means someone can come to your shop once it is ready and train your operator for one to as many as three days.  We can also send someone to help advise you in your setting up process for your anodizing line.  We are one of the very few one stop shopping plating and anodizing wholesale business here in the U.S.  Our pricing is lower than our competitors in most cases.  Get a commercial estimate from us and one from other consulting businesses and you'll see no comparison.

Pictured below is a line used black and clear anodize parts for NASA instruments and  parts for space exploration.  The line is a medium sized hand line for processing a proprietary aerospace black anodizing. 

Line is set up much like a regular anodizing but the chemistry is altered by the user to produce this proprietary anodizing for non-standard applications.  The anodizing tank is set up with 1100m aluminum cathodes and pump.  Below is the inside view of the chiller coil in anodize tank. Chilled glycol and water is carried from chiller unit to the corrosion resistant coil inside tank via PVC pipe.  Plastic pipe is used due to its superior insulation power.  The pipe will be wrapped with pipe insulation once project is complete. 

Below is a expanded view of line with the rectifier and chiller sitting in front.  Both of these units will be ducted to a separate area for cleaner air to cool the units for best longevity of the equipment.  Chiller air outlet will also be duct to the ceiling to keep hot air out of shop.


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