We sell studio plating and anodizing kits as well as commercial electroplating and anodizing lines

TANK FABRICATION, ANODIZING, electroless nickel, electropolish, & electroplating system

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CONTACT Plating & Plastic Sales  for your custom plastic tank fabrication needs as well as designing an entire Type I II & III anodizing electropolishing & electroplating systems to suit your machine shop needs
PHONE:  443-596-4439     443-596-4440  EMAIL: info@plasticfabricate.com    MONDAY - FRIDAY 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM  We offer expert technical support in plating, electroplating, anodizing, electropolishing, electroforming, and much more.

Anodizing and plating equipment and supplies is what we do here at Plating and Anodizing Sales.  We are the only company that deals with both the small hobby and studio platers / anodizers as well as the commercial plating shops.  We sell everything from chemicals to equipment and supplies.  We have experts here to deal with everything from waste treatment issues to everyday operational issues.  We also offer consulting on site for commercial shops and purchasers of our commercial systems. See more on that here.  We make many of our bath additives.  We are thoroughly versed in day to day operational problems of every process that we sell.  We have knowledge on the equipment end of this industry and can repair many things on a plating line, such as rectifiers, pumps, and meters.  We perform poly tank fabrication here at Plating Sales.  We do not know of any other company which deals with all of the aforementioned issues all in one place.  When dealing with our company for your plating needs, you will not have to go any else for your needs, unless you choose to do so.

  Whether you have a sales question or a technical support issue when you call us, you will be speaking with thoroughly knowledgeable person in the area of metal finishing.  They will be able to help you with any and all of your problems or questions.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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