We offer technical support for electrplating, anodizing, EN, elctropolishing issues, and more ...7 days a week



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We are available for sales and technical support from Monday through Friday.  Whether you have a sales question or a technical support issue when you call us, you will be speaking with a person who has worked in a plating and anodizing facility.  You will be getting advice from someone who actually stood behind tanks and worked as an electroplater for at least 5 years to as many as 20 years.  They will be able to help you with any and all of your problems or questions.  You will never have a problem that we have not seen before and know how to fix.   Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Main Facility: 6302 Old North Point Road, Baltimore MD 21219
Warehouse: 2420 Holly Neck Rd, Baltimore MD 21221
PHONE:  443-596-4439     443-596-4440
MONDAY - FRIDAY 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM 

Anodizing Electroplating Job Placement Service:   We offer a placement of an experience electroplater, anodizer, and electropolisher for new start ups as well as established facilities.  When a shop closes down in this field, the people that ran the tanks in that shop cannot just pick up a classified ads and find a job locally for "Experience Chrome Plater: Help Wanted Immediately".  Many have to pick up odd jobs or go into another field if they do not want to relocate.  But just as many love this business and are willing to move anywhere in USA as well as over-seas if the right opportunity arrives.   Please be aware that due to unique skill set, someone with only 5 or 10 years experience will demand a 25% higher pay than what would normally be offered to a CNC machinist with 5 or 10 years experience or MIG/TIG welder with 5 or 10 years experience.  We help connect these job seekers who have a very unique skill set that you will never find locally.  We have placed anodizers with companies who have ran ads on Monster, Zip Recruiter, and Indeed.Com for over a year with $1500 to $4000 in ad fees for no results.  We do charge a low fee of 15% to employer for this service which is partially refundable if employee for some reason does not work out and stays the full 1 year.  This has never happened yet so it is unlikely.  We have placing experienced anodizing, plating, & electropolishing  employees for 4 years and everyone we have placed in past are still at the same job to this day.   If they are willing to move to a strange city, they are very unlikely to leave.   Fee of 15% will be reduced for people buying a system from us at the same time.

November 11-22 2019:  We have 10 total candidates which includes the following: A- Two anodizers (Type I II III 8 years, Type II III 15 years experience)             B- an experience triple chrome plating person with buffing experience (6 years exp)      C- Expert level chrome person with  strong chemical testing knowledge, expert buffing, and knows equipment in/out (22 years exp) knows all EPA & titration certified  D- NADCAP certified in anodizing, chem-film, and electropolishing with strong chemical test skills & waste treatment certified (9 years exp)  E- Barrel plating zinc, cad, and tin experience platers with 6 years and other with 11 years.  Both know full titration procedure for all chemicals involved    F- Electroless nickel expert with Type II III anodizing experience with total 17 years experience and full titration know how.

Give us a call if any of these candidates meet your needs

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