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Buffing machines for show anodizing or show triple electroplated chrome


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COPPER, BRASS, & SILVER ANTI TARNISH AGENT - Easy to use solution.  Use after you buff a part to make your parts look good for a long time to come. Prevents natural tarnishing of various metals.  Merely dip metal in solution and let dry.  Will also work with other metals.

Size 1 (makes 10 gal) = $120, Size 2 (makes 20 gal) = $200, Size 3 (makes 50 gal) = $300




   Buffing and polishing is a necessary step in decorative plating.  Buffing will also give  you absolutely spectacular results from Show Anodizing.  If you choose to polish and buff your part prior to Anodizing, the parts will come out almost like a colored mirror when the aluminum had been anodized.   Electropolishing is finding its niche in the market for many applications, yet the prevailing method still remains doing it mechanically.  This involves sanding the metal down to a very fine grit, then proceeding with the buffing steps.  Do you ever notice that most of the places that sell buffing supplies never really mention sanding the part?  We have dealt with show polishing for a few years and let me tell you that you will have to sand more than half of parts you get prior to buffing it up to a final shine. 

    The first thing you are going to need is the proper equipment to do the job.  The only must-have item is a buffing machine.  A stationary sanding belt is incredibly useful when it comes to doing set up work prior to buffing.  An electric or air hand DA sander is also used for set up work.   Each method works, so it is up to the polisher to decide the preferred method.  As far as the supplies go, you will need some buffs for the buffing machine as well as small buffs for your hand grinders to get into small grooves the stationary buffs cannot get into.  You'll need a few different buffing compounds.  Here are the steps we recommend:

120 GRIT SANDING                   start here for metal in really rough shape  

180 GRIT SANDING                   start here if metal is semi rough

320 GRIT SANDING                     start here if metal surface is average

500 GRIT SANDING                     start here if metal is pretty smooth

YELLOW BIAS BUFF w/ Stainless Compound for steel or stainless steel.   For softer metals, use Tripoli

WHITE BIAS BUFF w/ Chrome Rouge for steel or stainless steel.   For softer metals, use White Rouge

       As for the bias buff, once you try them you'll never go back.  When I first started in the business, like everyone else, I used the standard Sisal wheel, to the Spiral Sewn wheel, to the Loose buff.  Once I tried my first part with a bias buffing wheel, I was hooked.  They contour to the part so much better than the standard buffs while offering the same cutting and coloring action.  For this reason, I do not sell those standard buffs.


Nice used buffing machines for sale A great addition to any chrome plating shop

Here is a deal for any who are interested in getting into your own show polishing business.  We have on sale an entire professional buffing set up.  This includes a newly rebuilt Hammond dual five HP motors with adjustable speed controls to vary your buffing speed.  This means you can have two different people buffing at different speeds on each side of the buffing machine simultaneously.  It also has emergency braking.  A 2006 model unit of this machine retails for $27,000.  You can have this very nice used unit complete with a 12 month warranty for $5900.00.  The machine comes with 2 taper spindle attachments, 2 standard 1 1/4 inch spindle, as well as a 2"X 132" belt sanding attachment.  You will also get a few dozen different buffing wheels too.  Power requirement is 208-240 / 440-480 volt 3 phase but we can convert to single phase.  Call for pricing on conversion.

Super nice used 7 HP motor buffer.  Has an emergency braking unit. Some spindle attachments, nuts, and wheels and 1.25" arbor.  Guaranteed for 4 months.  Three phase 240 or 480 power.  $3700 for all.  Can convert to regular house current.  Call for pricing on power conversion.

Hammond Dual motor variable speed bufferAnother Hammond Two Motor Buffer.  This machine is in very nice condition with a six month warranty.  It has two belt sander attachment (as shown).  Converts back to a buffer in minutes.  Has variable speed on each side separately.  Each motor is five HP and braking unit.  Some attachments included with buffer but we will include $200 in buffing supplies at no additional charge.  Price is $5000 FOB.  Power requirement is 208 - 480 volt 3 phase but can be converted to house current.  Please call for pricing for conversion.

Much more equipment available such as bead blasters, paint and powder coat stripping cabinet, post plating gas and electric ovens, and more.  Check out some commercial equipment (click here).




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