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Available are various colors of anodizing dye coloring of the Show Anodizing Kit

Above are some of our available colors that were anodized with the very same chemical steps in our 'Show Anodizing Kit' and our Bright Dip.  All samples are done on 4000 series aluminum cable brackets that we had bought at a local hardware store with a matte finish.  No buffing or polishing was done on these parts.  Results on 6000 series will be as good or better than this.  Compare this finish to any other illustrated on the internet or catalog.

PH ADJUSTMENT PACKAGE (comes with pH adjustment solutions, pH meter, calibration solution) - Small $149  MEDIUM $219   LARGE-$309


Neon Pink $16  Copper $12.00  Red $7.00   Blue $7.00   

Green $9.00    24K GOLD $24.00   14K GOLD $22.00

Purple $9.00    Vibe Red $16.00   Vibe Green $16.00   

Black  $24.00     Vibe Blue $16.00   Violet  $14.00  

Dark Brown $16   Light Brown $12    Bronze $16

Aqua $16   Bright Orange $15   Forrest Green $19

Color chart for more dyes are below
Each container can make up to 2 gallons of dye. Sizes of 4, 5, 8, and 12 gallons also available for less $ per gallon

Samples of Type II anodizing dyes for color anodize finish on aluminum anodising


Aluminum part that has a smooth matte finish prior to bright dipping                                   Bright dipped part that had been brightened via our Bright Dip prior to anodizing

BRIGHT DIP: The picture on the left was matte finish part prior to Bright Dip.  To the right is the same part after Bright Dip for two minutes.  The Bright Dip is $70.00 per 4 LITERS when purchased with a kit and $85.00 per 4L when purchased separately.  Also available in 5 gallon, 15 gallon, and 55 gallon containers for better pricing. Used to brighten a polished part prior to anodizing.  The part will shine so bright you will not believe your eyes.  A must for true show anodizing.  No need to buff.  Just dip and anodize.  Hazmat.

Teflon Sealer: (makes the amount shown) $179/ two gallons - $299/ makes four gallons - $349/ five gallons - $509 for eight gallon.   This sealer is used for placing a teflon coating onto anodized aluminum which will place a super slick, heat resistant coating onto the final product.  Paintball gun barrels are one of the most common application of teflon sealing. Great for all types of anodizing whether it's show, hard coat, salt resistant, or super thick anodizing. 

ANODIZE-STRIP:  will strip old or unwanted anodizing in a matter of a few seconds to a few minutes. Strips very fast.  Contains zinc based inhibitors to slow the attack on base metal, when anodizing has been stripped to bare.     Two gallon is $32     4 gallons = $54   8 gallon = $83   12 gallon = $114

Alk-Etch:  Etch cleaner for aluminum prior to anodizing, plating, or alodine.        2 gallon = $28     4 gallons = $49   8 gallon = $79   12 gallon = $99

Alkleen: An aluminum specific soak cleaner formulated for pre-anodizing and pre-plating of aluminum.  Not an all-purpose cleaner.  Use only with aluminum.  2 gallon = $26     4 gallons = $46   8 gallon = $75   12 gallon = $92

BLAST-FAST: If you need to bead blast your parts, this process will duplicate a fine glass bead finish on aluminum with a short 10 minute soak.  It is a big time saver   2 gallon = $32     4 gallons = $54   8 gallon = $82   12 gallon = $109

Desmut-AL 2, AL2, and HD: CALL FOR PRICE

Seal-K: $99 for a 10 gallon makeup.  Used for sealing aluminum after anodizing and dyeing at between 92F to 105F.  Seals anodize aluminum without the pain of using steam or boiling some hot nickel sealer.   Used at room temperature.  Just dip and seal. No need to sit and wait 45 to 60 minutes for steam sealing. This sealer is much easier to use than a hot nickel acetate sealer and leaves no 'smut' as is common in hot nickel seals.  Plus you do NOT have to heat it to almost boiling like hot nickel seals.  Contains an anti smut agent as well as a non yellowing agent so it will not yellow with age. 

Seal-W: $99 makes 10 gallons. This warm sealer is used for sealing of anodized aluminum at 130F to 140F with a no smut seal.   Contains a non yellowing agent so it will not yellow with age. 

Mid Temp Seal: $79 makes 8 gallons. This product is used for sealing of anodized aluminum at 175F.   Additive in this seal eliminates any smutting problem common in most heated seals and will not yellow with age. 

anodized parts that had been anodized,  dyed, and sealedApplying resist for multi color anodizing of a paintball gun barrelTitanium anodizing rods and wires for racking parts that will be anodized

Anodizing tape for masking areas of a part that is not going to be anodized or for multi color anodizingBlue anodized part on anodizing rack after being anodized, dyed, and sealed


OUR MOST POPULAR MASKING PRODUCT - Fine Detail and Thick MaskerSmall Can $25.00 or Large for $100.00.  This is a special temperature and corrosive resistant coating that can be used to mask off certain areas for either multi-color anodizing or for omitting certain areas from being exposed to the anodizing process.  Paint it on, dries in minutes, and when you are finish, just peel it off.  One pound covers almost 500 square inches.  This item is a 'must-have' for anyone looking to do splash anodizing or silk-screen anodizing. 

MASK -ALL: High temperature masker for hot seals

Plating/Anodizing Adhesive Making Tape:  $27 a roll (3/4" wide)  This corrosive and temperature resistant tape should be used only to mask off areas that will not be exposed to the plating or anodizing process throughout the entire process.

Large 4" Wide Roll of Plating/Anodizing Adhesive Making Tape:  $69 a roll (1"X 25 yards)  This corrosive and temperature resistant tape should be used only to mask off areas that will not be exposed to the plating or anodizing process throughout the entire process.

Titanium Chiller U-Coil:  ($60 and up)   This is used for making an inexpensive heat exchanger for cooling of any anodizing.  Build your own chiller set-up for less than $80.00 with parts found at many hardware or aquarium retailers.




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