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PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a plating or anodize shop.  We do not offer services in anodizing, electropolishing, or electroplating .  We only sell equipment, chemicals, and supplies to CNC machine shops, artist, medical device companies, laboratory, extrusion shops, and metal stampers for use as small In-House plating systems.  We also offer job placement for expert anodizing and plating personel.

 Hoist Type III ANODIZING TypeII anodize system using anodize basket similar to BARREL PLATING Barrel plateranodizing cathodes made of 1100 aluminum with plating anodes

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Regular business hours are 10:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday - Friday EASTERN USA TIME

Why should a CNC machine shop installs an in-house anodize line or an electroplating system in their shop?   For the following reasons:

Get same day lead time on anodize                         Save 90% of out source cost

Get better quality & better control on coating          No more sending parts back for "redo"

Need an experience person to run your newly opened division of your company?  We offer metal finishing job placement services for people who are considering installing a large plating, anodizing, or electropolishing lines.  We have people skilled in electropolishing, chrome plating, zinc plating, barrel plating, and anodizing who are looking to get back into the business and are willing to relocate.  We have people with various skill levels from 3 years experience to over 20 years experience.  For more information, click here.

If you are a CNC machine shop and a metal fabrication shop who send out more than $10,000 per year in metal finishing work, you definitely want to consider an in house system to enable you to do your own anodizing or plating work for less than your annual cost of outsourcing of anodize work.  In turn, your shop will never have to wait for parts again, full control the closest tolerance while simultaneously saving a bunch of money.      We also offer plating equipment, consulting services, anodize tanks, and chemical supplies for anodizing, electroplating, and electropolishing.   Systems come in 5 different types:

1- Large or medium commercial plating tank line is ideal for a job-shop offering anodize or electropolish service to machine shops or people within 60-80 mile radius to job-shop.

2- Small to medium-small commercial plating systems are ideal for medium sized metal stamping shops, metal extrusion shop, and CNC machining shops that send out $15,000 (small plating system) or $50,000 (medium plating system).  Commercial systems can come as a one piece type of set up (compact & installs quickly) or as a set up with 6 tanks to 16 separate custom fabricated tanks.

2- For very small machine shops that send out between $5000 per year to $14,000 a year in anodizing work, we offer a half commercial / half non commercial anodize or plating kits.  This type of system is generally recommended for machine shops with limited anodizing or electroplating needs.  They will offer the same quality finish as a commercial system for 40% less in upfront cost.

3- For a one man or two man machine shop, garage based machine shop, or very small metal working shop, we would recommend non commercial systems meant for commercial plating use.  These systems come with fully professional grade chemicals and other commercial add-ons such as commercial heaters and electrodes.  This type of anodize or plating systems can only be sold to commercial users.

4- Lastly, we offer eco friendly grade anodize and plating kits for hobby use, educational use, and home use.

 Hoist anodizing system with barrel plating system which is similar to barrel plating but it is barrel anodizing

NOTE: Please read RETURN POLICY before ordering any products

WASTE TREATMENT & FUME SCRUBBERS: We are the only USA based company who sells small sized waste treatment systems that are ideal for a person setting up a 50 gallon or 100 gallon system who does not want to spend a small fortune on an oversized waste system meant to process waste from an entire electroplating shop.  We also sell mini fume scrubber systems for tanks under 80 gallons.  Examples of our systems are below:

atmospheric waste water evaporator which is our smallest waste evaporator s shown here and it still rids waste at 10- 20 gallons per hour  Waste water recycle closed loop system to create a zero discharge waste loop for a plating line or anodizing line Mini small fume scrubbers for 3-4 plating tank or large electroplating tank

Above are two different small waste atmospheric evaporator systems that can evaporate 4x to 6x faster than a boiling evaporator by using heat, force air, baffles, and water atomization.  Next photo is a closed loop high effluent waste ultra-filtration system that has zero discharge. 

Batch waste water treatment for electroplating or electropolishing Automatic waste treatment system used for anodizing or black oxide or phosphate or Parkerizing atmospheric waste water evaporator for chrome plating & electroplating of its rinse waste water

The left photo is a batch treatment system (treats a lot of waste water a couple times a day) while the one on the right is an automatic flow through system for treating anodizing rinse stream from a 100-300 gallon per tank system.  Anodizing batch waste system treats larger batches which are hundreds of gallons to thousands of gallons 2 to 3 times per shift.  Anodizing automatic waste is just that, automatic so it treats small amount of waste water but continuously.

Selective Plating & Brush Plating:  Cadmium plating or zinc plating of steel parts without having to buy a bunch of tanks or a space consuming system.   These are plating systems that allows users to plate parts outside of a tank.  The user will apply plating directly onto part via an electroplating wand without having to dip parts into a tank.

Brush plating or selective plating using an auto feed systemSelective electroplating & brush anodizing autofeed brush plating systemBrush plating or selective plating systems for chrome plating zinc cadmium cad plating

IN HOUSE PLATING TANK FABRICATION: We build plating tanks weld polypro tanks, fume hoods, waste treatment systems, secondary containment, spray stations, and bulk anodizing of 10,000s of small parts in house. This gives us full control over the building process which in turns allows us to offer the buyer much more precision equipment so they can be custom tailored to each customer.  The next few photos below shows a few various systems that we have built in house for customers.

 anodizing Type I & Type II system for a NASA sub contractor to do aerospace Type I Type IIElectropolishing tank per ASME BPE Standards for eletropolish of stainlessModular plating tank fabrication and custom plating tank & custom fume hoods

ELECTROPOLISHING:  Link to electropolish of stainless, aluminum, and many other metals.  Both of the set up below is for electropolishing.  The main differences between the two electropolish set up is one is a large fully commercial system with a 1 ton hoist system while the other below is an electropolish system that is half commercial and half non commercial.

ASME BPE, ASTM B 912, SEMI F19 Electropolishing specifications for electropolish tank Electropolish small semi-commercial electropolishing system for pre anodizing and pre chrome plating

Commercial plating Systems for cadmium plating and zinc plating which can be dyed to black, old, olive, and chrome look.  We can match your shop up with the right system for the job.

 Custom tank fabrication for a Zinc plating line for AMS-2417 and ASTM B633-85

As shown above, we have large electroplating and anodize systems for limited and full commercial use.  Plus we can build custom kits this size or larger for any of your plating needs.   
We supply plating equipment and chemicals for many metal finishing processes, such as electroplating (chrome, tin, cadmium, gold, nickel, brass, zinc, silver etc.) and anodizing.  We offer commercial equipment, complete turnkey plating lines, and commercial grade chemicals to machine shops & manufacturer.  We also offer a vast array of products for non-commercial operations.

plating rectifier repairs DC power supply repairs on tap switch SCR powerstat custom fabricated plastic fume hoods & polypro tanks & PVC fume hoods Pushpull custom fume hoods for chrome plating tank fume scrubber

RECTIFIER REPAIRS on your plating tank rectifiers and anodize rectifiers is offered in house.  Custom fabrication of FUME HOODS in push pull systems and  pull only systems.

REEL TO REEL plating line or wire spool plating as well as any "one-off" custom application such as the stainless mirror & flat plate electropolish system are also available.  We can build almost anything to suit one's needs.

reel to reel wire plating line for coil wire electroplating of tin plating & copper plating & nickel plating & cad platingelectropolishing line for passivation and polishing of stainless plates

Please read RETURN POLICY before ordering any products

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